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To our valued partners and customers, thank you for your great support.

With effect from May 2007, please direct all correspondence to Unit 24-1 (instead of Unit 23-2). All other contact information remain unchanged.

APHM International Healthcare
Conference and Exhibition 2007

June 18 – 20 2007 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Over 400 top management personnel from both the government and private sector are expected to attend together with more than 2000 visitors. Do not miss this prestigious event!

True Bioscience has a proven track record in engineering & automation and medical & healthcare industries. Our portfolio includes government agencies, multi- national companies, public listed companies, small medium enterprise, private hospitals and clinics, laboratories and research centers etc.










Corporate profile

True BioScience is incorporated both in Singapore and in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

An avid player in the medical and health-care industry, True BioScience aims to promote health awareness with excellent quality and certified product to the general public via strategic alliances with the country health care infrastructure system or through customers’ partnerships.

There are currently three core businesses in the company:

    1. In-vitro Diagnostic kits
    2. Equipment (Medical & Health care)
    3. Engineering & Automation Services

We are expanding our regional presences in Asia. We had established sales contacts in Vietnam, Thailand and in final phase of appointing our Indonesia Distributor Agent. Our next area of expansion will target Brunei and Philippines. Please contact us if you express interest.

The company is managed by a group of young yet aggressive and experienced team who strive to fulfill the company mission.

Mission & Values

Care for the customers
Care for the employees
Care for the products
Care for the company
Care for the community

The company‘s mission and values are paramount to its survival and existence.
To bond, sustain and grow a long lasting win-win partnership with all our customer is our endeavor.

Our values are easily understood and interlinked.

The number one value is to our customer.
We strive to bring value added services, with that extra touch to niche ourselves. Our motivation and success come from customer’s satisfaction and recognition.

Our employee’s well being is critical to service our number one value. With excellent quality and innovative products, we can bring the company to profitability, sustain and expand. This eventually allows us to return to the community.

By emphasizing the above, we believe the company will be able to build a robust foundation that can weather the extremes.

Our Brand

Different colours for separate diagnostic test category

True BioScience and TRUTH are registered trademark of True BioScience.

Our brand name is one of our distinct advantages.

The word TRUTH signifies creditability, consistency and assurance. This goes in tune with what the company aims to offer.

Our medical and health related products are manufactured from ISO certified plants with endorsement from US FDA, CE and JIS.Our test kits are used throughout Asia. Local health authority certificate of approvals and laboratory test results can be provided upon request.


True BioScience takes great pride in this branding exercise. Feel free to click here and give us your candid feedbacks/comments/complaints. If it helps us improve and serve you better, the company shall send you a complimentary gift of appreciation for your valuable input.

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