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To our valued partners and customers, thank you for your great support.

With effect from May 2007, please direct all correspondence to Unit 24-1 (instead of Unit 23-2). All other contact information remain unchanged.

APHM International Healthcare
Conference and Exhibition 2007

June 18 – 20 2007 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Over 400 top management personnel from both the government and private sector are expected to attend together with more than 2000 visitors. Do not miss this prestigious event!

True Bioscience has a proven track record in engineering & automation and medical & healthcare industries. Our portfolio includes government agencies, multi- national companies, public listed companies, small medium enterprise, private hospitals and clinics, laboratories and research centers etc.



True BioScience views engineering and automation as the key to value-add and growth in tandem with our partners.

This department is setup primarily to offer our partners and clients with a one-stop engineering services, not only in the health care and medical industry but to any other industries where it is applicable. True BioScience is capable of handling full turn key projects.

We view ourselves as The Engineering Solution Provider. Our existing customers include multi-national companies, listed companies, SMEs and government organizations and agencies.

Our resource pool stretches over several Asian countries, coupled with people from diversified specialties and skills. In the event that True BioScience could not participate constructively, we shall use our existing business network contacts to make a proper referral.

Engineering product partners

True BioScience works closely with the above engineering partners. Each are specialize in different products and field.

From Clockwise:

Lechintech – CE approved Ion charge analysers and water treatment technologies.
Nagman – Manufacturers of calibration instruments including temperature calibrators, pressure calibrators, Dead Weight Testers, Calibration Work Stations, etc.
ABM - A leading Canadian designing and manufacturing company in non-contact level meaasurement sensor technologies.
Thyracont - Customized solutions for all types of innovative vacuum metrologies from atmosphere pressure to ultrahigh vacuum.
Renu Electronics – Automation and programming expertise incorporating Programmable Logic Control, touch screen panel and I/O peripherals.

Below are some examples of the product applications. For more details, please click on their respective icons to access their homepage.

Brand Products Application examples Applicable

Ion Charge Analyser

Ionic Demand Titrator

To monitor the contents in the raw water

To add in coagulants via feedback loop system

Water treatment plants

Paper mill industries

Public water utilities companies

Research laboratories and Universities

Eagle Analog I/0

HIO Operators Panel with I/O

Prizm Touch Screen Panels

Gateway Protocol Converters


Automation in production

Data acquisition applications

Control and monitor system

Identification and traceability function

Robotics integration

Manufacturing plants

Automation firms

Test laboratories

Pharmaceutical companies


Ultrasonic Transducers

Microwave probes

Explosion proof "SMART" Radar

To monitor level of chemical or hazardous material

To control and detect products on conveyor belts

To incorporate into flood monitoring system

All manufacturing plants

Oil and Refineries industries

Chemical and Biochemical industries

Flood prone areas

Water dam facilities

Hand Held Vacuum meters

Vacuum Transducers & Switches

Vacuum Controller Systems

Set up and control of vacuum appliances and machines

Chemical analysis

Vacuum distillations & Rotary evaporators

Chemical plants


Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies

Temperature Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators

Stirred Baths

Calibration Test Bench and System

Temperature dependent equipment and appliances

Oven and furnace inspection checks and calibration

Vacuum distillations & Rotary evaporators

Calibration and Test facilities

Oil and Refineries industries

Biochemical companies

Laboratories and Universities



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